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Parish Council News

At their meeting on 2nd January the Parish Council set the Precept request from Broadland District Council. They resolved to keep the same sum as request last year which has resulted in a decrease of 2.79% to the Parish Council’s share of the Council Tax.

The Parish Council are aware of the dreadful accident which happened in December on the pedestrian crossing and we send our very best wishes for a speedy recovery. The Council has been in contact with the Police who are investigating the accident and will be working to create a data map for past incidents, no matter how small.  Parishioners should report any near misses to the Police online or on  101.

It is the highest priority of the Parish Council to get a project underway to replace the current pedestrian crossing with a pedestrian controlled crossing. Consultations for  this project will get underway immediately.

At present there is no waiting list for the allotments, if you wish to have an allotment please contact the Parish Council (details above) with you name, address, phone number and email address.  You must live in the parish to be eligible.

The Horsford News

The Horsford News is an independent publication entirely separate from the Parish Council. The current editor is Mrs.Lisa Starling  01603 891902

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