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The Parish Council maintains a set of policies and procedures to help carry its duties out effectively and to comply with regulations. These documents are reviewed and updated where required. The Council is governed by Financial Regulations and has the accounts audited annually.




The Parish Council has adopted a set of financial regulations which set out how the financial matters of the Council should be arranged and recorded, banking arrangements, cheque signatories, etc.  They also set limits on expenditure before having to go out to tender. Budget setting, auditing and insurance are also dealt with.

2023 - 2024 Exercise of Electors Rights

2023 - 2024 Unaudited Annual Governance Statement

2023 2024 Unaudited Accounting Statements

2024 - 2025 Budget

2022 - 2023

Notice of Conclusion of Audit

AGAR Parts 1 & 2

AGAR Section 3

Annual Return

Exercise of Electors Rights


Internal Audit

Annual Governance Statement

Annual Accounts Statement

Electors Rights

Community Infrastructure Levy Report 2020/21

Audited Accounts

At the end of each financial year (March 31st.) the Council has to have the accounts audited. First the accounts, minutes and other records are submitted to an Internal Auditor (appointed by the Council) who examines them, the procedures followed, taxation submissions etc. and prepares a report for the Council. Following that the Council has to prepare an annual governance statement and a statement of accounts. These, together with supporting documentation, are sent to the External Auditor (appointed nationally).

2021/2022 Accounts

Notice of Conclusion of Audit

Internal Audit Report

Annual Governance Statement and Accounting Statements 2021/22

External Audit Report

Annual Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) report

2020/2021 Accounts

Notice of Electors Rights

Internal Audit Report

Annual Governance Statement and Accounting Statements 2020/21 (unaudited)

Annual Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) report

2019/2020 Accounts

Electors' Rights and unaudited accounting statement

Annual Governance Statement and Annual Statement of Accounts

External Audit Report

The Council Tax Precept


The precept is the parish council’s share of the council tax.  The precept demand goes to the billing authority, Breckland District Council, which collects the tax for the Parish Council. The 'Precept' is converted into an amount per Council Tax Band that is added onto the Council Tax bill.  Income and expenditure for the next financial year are calculated in the form of estimates. 


Parish and town councils can apply for other funding such as grant and funding awards, but they do not receive funds direct from central government as principal authorities do. 

British Pound Coins

Copies of documents are available from the Clerk upon request.

Policies & Procedures

The Parish Council has adopted standing orders which govern the running of the Council - see Standing Orders

It has also adopted additional policies:

Financial Regulations

Code of Conduct

Equal Opportunities

General Data Protection

Privacy Notice


Risk Assessment

Grievance and Disciplinary Policy

Complaints Policy and Procedure

Horsford Green Infrastructure April 2022

Internet Banking Policy

Co-option Procedure

Notice board and website policy

Horsford Pits Management Plan

In addition Horsford Parish Council has a 5-Year Business Plan; the latest edition can be found here

The latest version of the Parish Council Asset register, dated August 2022, is here

The Parish Councils Neighbourhood Plan can be accessed via this link:

Business Action Plan Working Group (BAP)


The group consists of some councillors and some residents. It is an informal group with no decision making powers and is there to provide suggestions to the Council on future projects which may be of benefit to the Parish. It researches the projects in terms of viability, capital cost and ongoing revenue costs before making recommendations to the Council.

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