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Places of interest

The Dog public house

A listed building that has served the village for many years. It is registered by CAMRA as a Community Asset.

The Dog public house, Horsford

Places to walk, jog or cycle

See the village map for circular walks and note the watering pits.

The woods at the north end of the village is a large area that you should enjoy. There are  miles of walks throughout the St Faiths Common and Horsford Woods that are open to the public. 

There are a number of Public Footpaths around Horsford, please see the map here

Horsford All Saint’s Church, Horsford 

You will find All Saints Church, Horsford on Church Street, at the south end of the village. The building is open every day from 8.30am to 5pm. Our regular services are at 10.30am on Sunday (a variety through the month!) and Tuesday (communion). You’ll find a warm welcome when you come along; every service is followed by drinks, snacks and good conversation


Inside the church you’ll be entering a place full of history and current activity. There’s a place to light candles, sit quietly in  prayer or help The churchyard is a peaceful and  well cared for place to wander, sit and look at the beauty around. 

If you are thinking of having your children christened, getting married, wanting to renew your wedding vows or wishing to celebrate and give thanks to God for a significant event in your life, do get in touch with me as I will be pleased to help make that occasion special. Do contact me on 01603 893018 or More information about the church can be found on our website 


I hope you will be able to come along and enjoy our special place soon. 

Revd. Margaret McPhee, Rector 

Village Hall

Consists of several rooms and used by many groups. The large hall  is used by the very young for their pre-school group. There are also various exercise and sports groups ;hiring the room regularly. The Women’s Institute hold their regular meetings and enjoy the large hall’s amenities. 


The Horsford Social Club also uses the central part of the building all evenings. 


At the front left you will find the Committee Room which is used by various bodies including the Parish Council.

Horsford Methodist Church
Horsford Village Hall


Horsford All Saints Church
Revd Margaret McPhee

Two Round Barrows

The two round barrows in Horsford Woods are not obvious to the naked eye but archaeological studies acknowledge their existence. If you would like information go the

Horsford Castle

A motte and bailey castle stood on a site that was  abandoned in the fifteenth century.  All that now remains is the low-lying motte and bailey in a field to the east of the village. The castle is a scheduled monument just off Church Street.

Horsford Methodist Church

Situated on the Holt Road beside the Village Hall.

All are welcome to the  friendly Fellowship Group meetings at the church on Tuesdays, fortnightly at 2pm.

The Church opens for prayer or a chat every Thursday, 8.45 - 10.30, with refreshments.

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