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Latest News:

What is a Parish Councillor?

Have you ever found yourself curious about what a Parish Councillor actually does? Well, let's shed some light on this vital role within our community.

A Parish Councillor is a volunteer, who gives their time freely for the benefit of our village. They're not just members of the council; they're our neighbours, friends, and fellow community enthusiasts who step up to make a difference.

What do they do?

Voice Your Concerns: They represent YOU, ensuring your voice and concerns are heard, asking questions of Broadland District and Norfolk County Council. They give feedback on planning applications ensuring local opinion is represented.

Decision Makers: From maintaining public open spaces, planning local events and managing budgets for community facilities, they're involved in decisions that shape the future of our village.

Community Champions: Whether it's supporting local businesses, improving public spaces, or advocating for better services, they're always looking out for our best interests.

Why It Matters?

Being a Parish Councillor is about passion, not politics. It's about volunteering time and effort to improve our village for the whole community.

Interested in being part of the Parish Council?

There are currently five vacancies on the Horsford Parish Council, if you are interested in this role please contact Sarah, the clerk


There are currently five vacancies on the Parish Council. If you are interested in helping your community and would like to join the Parish Council please contact Sarah, the Clerk, for a chat. 

01603714172, or via messenger on Facebook.

Information on what duties and powers a Parish Council has can be found here.

 Horsford Design Code Report

On Saturday 28 October The Horsford Neighbourhood Plan Refresh Team hosted a village consultation with a difference. All residents of Horsford were invited to come along and share their views on Development, Location and Benefits.

Those residents who were unable to attend in person now have the opportunity to view the same presentations online and provide feedback.

Your feedback forms a vital part of the process and the Refresh Team wishes to thank everyone for their support.

To view the presentations please click the link, or cut and paste it into your browser below.

Parish & Town Briefing Notes.

The Horsford News is an independent publication entirely separate from the Parish Council.

Are you worried about paying monthly bills: this link will provide a list of contact details for advice services if you are concerned 

Public Rights of Way in Horsford

Norwich Western Link Road Consultation

Police Priorities Safer Neighbourhoods

Allotments in Horsford: for all queries regarding allotments please use the dedicated email:

We're responsible for:

  • The Parish Council is responsible for:​

  • Upkeep of about 50% of the village street lighting

  • Maintaining the allotments

  • Bus shelters

  • Litter and dog bins

  • Commenting on planning applications

  • The war memorial

  • The village notice boards

  • Liaison with all departments at Broadland District Council and Norfolk County Council on matters affecting Horsford

  • Developing projects which can be funded by the Community Infrastructure Levy generated by new development in the village

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