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from Broadland District Council

Latest News:

District & Parish Council Election

4th May 2023

District  Council election information. 

Parish Council election information.

Parish & Town Briefing Notes.

The Horsford News is an independent publication entirely separate from the Parish Council.

Are you worried about paying monthly bills: this link will provide a list of contact details for advice services if you are concerned 

Public Rights of Way in Horsford

Norwich Western Link Road Consultation

Police Priorities Safer Neighbourhoods

Allotments in Horsford: for all queries regarding allotments please use the dedicated email:

We're responsible for:

  • The Parish Council is responsible for:​

  • Upkeep of about 50% of the village street lighting

  • Maintaining the allotments

  • Bus shelters

  • Litter and dog bins

  • Commenting on planning applications

  • The war memorial

  • The village notice boards

  • Liaison with all departments at Broadland District Council and Norfolk County Council on matters affecting Horsford

  • Developing projects which can be funded by the Community Infrastructure Levy generated by new development in the village

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